About Us

About Us

Twin Disc (Far East) Pte Ltd, with its parent company in the United States producing power transmission products since 1918, began business in Singapore since April 1976. Our core activities are to promote, supply, and provide after-sales support for a wide range of Twin Disc represented products in ASIA that are used in the marine, construction, land-based, oil & gas, military and industrial sectors.

Our sales, application, service and logistics team in Singapore together with a global distribution network’s main objective is to serve and support to keep our customers’ machines working with minimal downtime and thus making them happy.

We offer 24/7/365 sales, parts and service availability; fully-trained technicians to provide quotation, maintenance, repair, installation, troubleshooting and advice; access to technical data and engineering support; and whatever else it takes to optimize your productivity and minimize downtime.

Nearly 100% of our components have their specific location and are well maintained by our logistics team.

For nearly a century, Twin Disc has been developing, engineering, manufacturing and distributing power transmission products that make things work. They are seldom seen, but they go into machines that contribute to the standard of our lives.

Twin Disc products are installed in the drivelines and powertrains of farm tractors, road pavers, cranes, mining trucks, oil rigs, logging equipment, firefighting and rescue vehicles, pleasure craft, fishing and work boats, pumps, turbines – you name it. They manage and control the horsepower generated by internal combustion engines and electric motors. They help feed us, provide natural resources, build our cities and homes, transport us, defend us, and influence our lives daily in many unnoticed but critical ways.

Where there’s an industrial strength vehicle or machine that requires converting horsepower to productivity, Twin Disc has a way to do it.